About Us

Based in Canberra and servicing the nation and beyond, Akin Agency brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to deliver strategic, innovative and tailored approaches in:

  • Public relations
  • Government relations and engagement
  • Communications services

We are a boutique agency focused on partnering with our clients to provide a full range of communications services. We are known for our in-depth knowledge of how to communicate with stakeholders using impactful language, through the channels they prefer. We are change makers and are dedicated to building strong relationships and networks where everyone flourishes.

Our Journey: Building lasting connections while making an impact

Founder and CEO Kate Lord, a visionary, believed in building more than just an agency – she envisioned a space where clients and communications teams could form genuine connections and thrive in an atmosphere of positivity and meaning. Thus, Akin Agency (previously Harry Communications) was born, with a mission to create profound connections and lasting impact.

A few years into her journey, Kate partnered with seasoned communications professional and entrepreneur Naomi Wilton, a trusted advisor and friend whose alignment with the company’s values and mission was unmistakable. Their shared commitment of fostering strong relationships, unwavering trust, and steadfast reliability laid the cornerstone for Akin’s remarkable journey.

Together, Kate and Naomi nurture and continue to grow Akin on the bedrock of these principles.

The agency’s versatility shines through innovative approaches tailored for businesses across public relations, communications, and government relations. Yet, Kate and Naomi’s vision stretches beyond the workplace – both women determined to craft lasting ties that transcended the mundane.

At the heart of Akin championed by Kate and Naomi, lies an unwavering commitment to enabling change and shaping the future. It’s about shattering glass ceilings, leaving an indelible mark, and lighting the path for generations to follow. Akin embodies the spirit of authenticity, determination and kindness. It is a celebration of doing things your way, being bold, and making a difference with unwavering dedication and honesty.

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The focus of our agency is to provide a full range of communications services. We build and execute advocacy campaigns to build and enhance the reputation of our clients. We are located in the nation’s capital city, Canberra, which gives us unrivalled access to those who have power to make change happen – media, politicians, senior executives of the Australian Public Service and peak industry bodies.

We have team members in other major capital cities, expanding our reach across the country. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients and using our diverse skills and connections to help them achieve their goals.

Who We Are